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Sessions at the JCC are open to the public for 3 months at a time beginning in January and runs all year long. It is approximately $20 dollars a month for members, and about $30 dollars a month for non-members. With the exception of basketball season, we usually have the entire full sized gym at our disposal. Classes are on Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. for beginners, intermediates and advanced 12 and older. Your local Karate North school may provide classes for ages younger then 12.


Contact your local Karate North school to inquire about joining a class. You may have to wait until the next session begins.


You are encouraged to observe a class or two, or get a free lesson to see if is the right school for you.


We (instructors at the JCC) challenge you to find better quality and cheaper cost in any other martial arts school, anywhere!


Here is a registration form which you can download (in pdf format) and bring to your first class.