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Belt Ranks

This page is a brief summary of the requirements for each belt. Each Martial Arts school has their own system of belts, testing, and time required.

White belt

  • Everyone starts as a white belt.
  • White belt hand out pdf

  • 8th grade gold belt

  • Chung Bong 1 pdf vid
  • 6 Basic One Steps pdf

  • 6th grade green belt

  • Chung Bong 2 pdf vid
  • Chung Bong 1
  • 4 Assigned One Steps pdf
  • Fighting Demonstration

  • 4th grade purple belt

  • Chung Bong 3 pdf vid
  • Chung Bong 1 and/or 2
  • Assigned Kicking Series pdf
  • Fighting Demonstration

  • 2nd grade brown belt

  • Chung Bong 4 pdf vid
  • Chung Bong 1 through 3 in sequence
  • 4 One Steps individually designed
    (Must be approved by your instructor)
  • Fighting Demonstration

  • 1st grade brown belt

  • Chung Bong 5 pdf vid
  • Chung Bong 1 through 4 in sequence
  • Assigned Kicking Demonstration pdf
  • Fighting Demonstration

  • 1st degree black belt

  • Chung Bong 6 pdf vid
  • Chung Bong 1 through 5 in sequence
  • Assigned Kicking Demonstration pdf
  • Individually Designed Demonstration
  • Fighting Demonstration

  • 2nd degree black belt

  • Chung Bong 7 pdf vid
  • Chung Bong 1 through 6 in sequence
  • Demonstration
  • Fighting Demonstration

  • Karate North Belts
    3rd degree black belt (and above)

  • Arranged

  • First grade brown belt will have a black stripe across it. All belts may have a color stripe of the next belt level if the test was above and beyond what was expected.

    After a test, there is a judges meeting to discuss each individual's performance according to their level and ability. The test per individual can be judged favorably in three ways.

    • Recommended high
    • Decided
    • Recommended low
    • Fail
      - Results in a colored stripe of the next level
      - Excellent test. Did everything that was expected
      - Good test. There are some things that need work
      - This does happen

    Test results are given at the following class. Participants are awarded their belts and presented with an official certificate stating name, date, rank, and signed by the senior and master instructors respectively.

    All Karate North Black Belts are registered members of the All American Tae Kwon Do Federation and Minnesota Tae Kwon Do Assoc.

    Here are the proper pronunciation of words submitted by Mr. James Bardon.
    He has spent some time in Korea and holds a 4th degree Black Belt.
    (We are a non-traditional school and these are about all the words we'll use.)

    Frequently used Korean words
    Bow to the instructorSah-Bum-Nim-ke Kyung-Ne
    Bow to flagsKook-ye Kung-Ne
    Make a ready stanceShoon-Bee
    Class Dismissed Hay-Cho
    Thank you for the lessonSoo-Go

    Korean words used for FORMS
    At beggining of form:
    Breathing meditation prior to formChong Bong (# of form) Choon Bee
    Start formShe-jak
    At conclusion of form:
    Return to ready stancePa-row

    Note: You can view a bit more in the video section.

    Here is an article from Sam Marinaro, a 5th degree black belt who has his own Karate North school in South Dakota, about earning a black belt.