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Q: So what's a typical class like?

A: Depending on the day or instructor, typically the class might work on forms for the first 40 minutes or so and spar for the remainder of class.


Q: Is that all you do, forms and sparring?

A: Hardly. We having large and small kicking shields which are used to get a real feeling for an actual strike or attack. The entire class can practice basic or even advanced jumping-spinning techniques on them. There might be an entire class devoted to various techniques using these pads. In addition we may work on advanced fighting techniques or practice doing drills to perfect our basics.


Q: So Karate North teaches Tae Kwon Do, is that it?

A: For the most part. However, different instructors may have had training in other martial arts and may give a class from time to time in those areas. Such as Hopkido, Ju-Jitsu, Aikido, Judu, Krav Mega, etc. The class will learn how to fall properly, in close grappling, take downs and ground fighting.


Q: Would I have to memorize allot of Korean words?

A: As a non-traditional school, we actually use very little Korean words, and the ones we do are simple and easy to remember.


Q: I have taken Martial Arts before. Would I have to start as a white belt again?

A: The black belts would evaluate your past with your current skill level and decide what is best. If it has been many years, perhaps it's best to begin a new. If you can keep up with the advanced belts, they would probably keep you at your last belt rank.


Q: Am I too old or what if I have a medical condition, can I do karate?

A: Provided your doctor says the physical activity is OK, you are never to old to start learning. You may even surprise yourself and do something you never thought possible.


Q: Is Tae Kwon Do safe?

A: Karate North does not encourage 'no pain, no gain'. Sparring or fighting begins only after receiving your first belt, proving the student has learned the basics. All students wear full body protective gear and are aloud only light contact. The goal of sparring is not to win, but to build self-awareness and self-confidence.


Q: Do I have to go to tournaments?

A: Many karate schools today have become more popularized by being sporty and bringing home trophies from tournaments. Karate North does not encourage nor discourage tournament participation. It really depends on the individual. For some it helps them develop, while for others it is simply to expensive or intimidating. If a student wishes to attend a tournament, the black belts will do their very best to prepare them. For the most part, the class is taught self defense.


Q: How long does it take to get my black belt?

A: Typically, about 4 years. It depends on how often you attend class, your own skill, and how devoted you are. It is an individual sport / activity. What you put in is what you get out of it. Receiving your black belt acknowledges that you have achieved an understanding of the basics, and are now on a lifelong journey of mastering and developing them further to your own unique style. You can read a little more about achieving rank here.


Q: What can I expect to get out of doing Tae Kwon Do with Karate North?

A: Many things of importance. For one, you gain life long friends. Physical fitness obviously, plus flexibility. The more you learn and the higher up you go through the belt ranks, the more confidence you get. This does not mean in martial arts alone, but through out life as a whole.