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About Us

Under the direction of senior instructor Mike Madden, the St. Paul branch has thrived for over 20 years producing some of the highest qualified black belts.


We teach Song Moo Kwan - Tae Kwon Do (Non-Traditional), and depending on the school or instructor, some Hopkido or other martial arts.


Why we are different

Our school is known for placing well at tournaments and doing well at tests. One reason is because we are very critical in doing proper technique.

Everything has a reason, everything has it's place. A form isn't done just 'walking' through a series of moves. It is a demonstration of fighting imaginary opponents. Every move is explained in depth to all ranks including black belts seeking to advance to the next level.

We take tremendous pride in our school. Once you join, you will soon see the camaraderie and how fellow students and instructors become life long friends.

Besides the friendly atmosphere, there are usually plenty of ranking black belts around for individual attention. Each instructor has something unique to offer. From different backgrounds, to different body types, we all have something to learn and gain.

At Karate North, if you received a belt, it is because you have earned it. We don't have promotional "black belt clubs" or the like which may be an incentive for the school to bring in more money with more tests (another reason we have less belts then most).

We take great pride in our students and they are a direct reflection of their instructors. Very few ever fail a test because we are vigilant in properly preparing the students. We won't allow a student to test if they are not ready.

We don't teach gymnastics, nor do we teach sporty tournament point fighting. It's not about the trophies or how flashy it is. We teach self defense.

As testimony to our objectives, the Saint Paul branch Karate North instructors do not get paid. It is strictly on a voluntary basis. Any membership or dues go directly to the JCC.